Afterlife CommunicationRecognizing Signs As Communication From Loved Ones In The Afterlife

What does one do with the crippling sense of emptiness following the loss of a loved one? For many, it can be a time of feeling disoriented, lost, angry or frustrated. In all too common circumstances, once the initial mourning period for others is over, a bereaved person may be made to feel isolated and alone, stuggling to find a reason to go on.

It is difficult, but the bereavement process does not have to be without hope or encouragement. A belief in the afterlife, and yes, even that communication with those who have passed on is possible, can make the difference between struggling to find meaning in one's existence and finding joy for living again. Read More »

Thursday, Oct 8, 2015
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And Then There Were Ladybugs

And Then There Were Ladybugs And Then There Were Ladybugs is a story of love which transcends the bonds of time and death, a heartfelt journey which chronicles a mother's personal experiences concerning the loss of her son.

At the core of the author's message is a belief in a special form of communication that transcends time and space—a language unconstrained by the limitations of words that consists of signs, symbols and loving energy—which can only be heard when one truly listens.

Through sharing her own experiences, author Rowe shows how each of us can read the signs of communication from loved ones in the afterlife, which can serve as a catalyst to continue and strengthen our bonds with them even though they have passed on. Read More >>